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Velonica - Aqua Timez Lyric

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Smeared with frustration and distracted by fads
I pretend to be happy and sing
I run further recklessly and quietly to give a warning where the wind is blowing
As I glance at the road which I came from with time to spare with all the declining enemies surrounding me
What comes after a war is one game
Theres a mountain, valley, cliff
and the dust keeps piling up
In the middle of my endless journey, on the outskirts of town I stopped by for a short visit
My tired legs collapse, I lie down and repeat my shallow sleep
I see that same profile over and over, I hear those same words over and over?
Is it just me who thinks life is just sad?

The tobacco smoke floating in the air
Fading into emptiness into the day which is still powerless and young

Now having witnessed sadness that you didnt need to see
And holding in tears that dont have to be held in
We may not be tough enough to live by truth alone
but you know, do we need to be? Do we?

When my eyelids were lifted up,

the world was spring and the cherry blossom-coloured wind was pushed aside
On the way to the destination of the far away other side,

I wonder if you were in this field of rape blossoms
I can search for a white, flapping bird in this sky at this time, certainly
You listen carefully to the ground and search for the black ants footsteps, dont you?

Tearing off a disguise like a clowns, standing on a hill which is forgotten in the sun

Basking in the light of the moon, taking a deep breath
In the world where theres no sound of the plates breaking or yelling voices
Without sharing warmth, life can continue
However, just living is not enough for us

The budding ground, the thick trunk,

the disappearing rainbow, the passing days,
The night skys Spica, the four seasons mystery,

they taught us how to continue searching for the truth

No matter how far we travel, the start of life
Is a lonely baby who cried out to live and be loved
Our reason to continue leaving here for somewhere else
Is because it is needed in order to see that there is no answer anywhere other then in the heart

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